Rugged Xtremes

Ice Brick 250 x 200 x 25mm

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An ice-brick made to fit Rugged Xtremes RX05L106, RXES05L206, and RX05L101 Insulated crib bags.

You can now stop using the Mrs’ small dodgy ones from the freezer and have your own purpose-built Ice-brick, designed for Aussie conditions and sized to fit perfectly in your RX Insulated crib bag.

Size: 250 x 200 x 25mm 

Weight: 900 grams

Outer material: HDPE

Cooling substance: Super Absorbent Polymer and distilled water

These bricks are constructed from tough, food-grade HDPE with Non-toxic gel filling to keep your crib colder for longer.

Specifically sized to suit our RX05L106 Insulated crib bags, and fit neatly flat in the base or standing on edge.

Place one in the base and one on top for super cooling

Also fits RX05L101BL Insulated Crib PODs and RXES05L206 Cool Crib bags

- 250 x 200 x 25mm
- Outer material: HDPE
- Cooling substance: Super Absorbent Polymer and distilled water
- Hi-Viz Yellow
- Integrated carry handle

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