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Reusable Assorted Crib Container Set (RED)


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Your lunch’s best friend on the worksite! Constructed from hard-wearing PP material 4 convenient sizes included

Size: 1 x 2500ml, 1 x 1100ml, 1 x 650ml, 1 x 350ml

Weight: 550 grams (set of four)

Ditch the old plastic containers or disposable tubs! This lunch box set was specifically designed for use in mining camps all over Australia.

Fully reusable and designed for staff to pack their crib for a full day’s work, these containers are the business!

Microwave-safe with safety purge valves on the lid will stop contents busting the lid of your container and creating a mess.

Can be vacuum sealed to stop spillage of soups, sauces, etc. Just open the purge valve, push down on the lid to remove some air, and close the purge valve. Simple!

- Food Safe
- Dishwasher Safe
- Microwave Safe
- Freezer Safe
- Miner Safe!?

Set of Four:

Sizings: 1 x 2500ml, 1 x 1100ml, 1 x 650ml, 1 x 350ml

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