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about these bags.

Our crib bags have earned their place as Australia's best-selling crib bags through years of research and our dedication to designing products that focus on quality. Over our time in Australia's industrial and mining industry, we have adapted the design of these crib bags based on the feedback we receive from customers and our own experience in the Australian outback. With over 10 years of modifications and improvements, the insulated crib bags we manufacture today reflect our slogan 'Built to Work'.

If you're after a bag to store your crib on-site or just looking for a drink cooler that you can carry around on your shoulder, then our insulated crib bags will be perfect for you. Constructed from heavy-duty, long-lasting materials and insulated with food-grade PEVA welded linings, these cribs have become a staple product throughout the industrial and mining sectors of Australia.



layer 1 | outer layer

The first layer of our insulated bags is made from heavy-duty canvas or high-quality PVC. The outer layer provides the bag with pockets, buckles, 'PODrail' and ID tag.

layer 2 | insulation layer

The second layer of our insulated bag is made from special insulative foam. The foam layer uses insulation technology to help prevent outside temperatures from entering the bag. The foam works as a protective barrier between the bag and the environment it's in. The foam we use in the bags has been tested throughout the hot Australian climate and has proven to keep its contents hot or cold for hours.

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The third layer of our insulated bags is constructed from fully waterproofed PEVA. This provides the inside of the bag with a waterproof layer of protective material to prevent leaking. This layer lets you treat the bag like an esky, allowing you to fill it with your favorite drinks and ice. This layer also makes cleaning the bag super easy, as the material repels liquids that would normally leave stains.